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product Development

Product Development

Murari Software Solutions provide product Development to provide best solutions to your Business.

The Product Development Mechanical Engineer will design and develop non-invasive medical device mechanical/electromechanical systems. Assignments are broad in nature, usually requiring initiative, originality, ingenuity and excellent problem-solving skills. Knowledge in the selection of various materials and adhesives for medical devices along with experience designing for high volume manufacturing are key areas that will set apart potential candidates. Experience designing for automated assembly and low cost is a plus. of commitment to add value to our clients in every stage of project.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: As part of the Product Development team, perform one or more of the following duties as assigned by a Product Development Manager or Team Lead to support the team's goals: Serve as a team's mechanical engineer for major development projects or multiple simultaneous projects. We add addition value to your Business. This is the initial phase where the idea for the new product is generated and documented. The idea here is to flush out the idea as much as possible and assess if it is worth pursuing. To some degree, this is always done by an inventor or client before coming to us, for why else would someone hire a product design and development company unless they already have an idea they want to pursue.

Product Development Key points
  • Risk assessment
  • Prototyping and testing concept designs and initial engineering builds
  • Product validation and usability testing
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